total money – assembly

Reponsible for all animation and character rigging

Little Red Bear – Toy box

Responsible for animating the lead character Little Red Bear.

GE – Fuel VFX

Animated hero letters to fit in with the procedurally generated ones.
Layout and animation of 3d elements (Scanner,Jet engine,Windmills).

Twisties – Oktobor

Reponsible for animation in the first 24 seconds of the commercial.

Legend of Enyo – Flying Bark

Animation Director on Televison series Legend of Enyo.

Some character walk and run cycles I animated for the show.

Demazin – The LAB

Reponsible for all animation.

Scary Girl – Halo pictures

Reponsible for 3d elements and camera animation.

Happy Feet – Animal Logic.

I was lead animator for the Adelie penguins in Happy Feet.
Reponsible for facial animation and some mocap cleanup.