Craig Baxter is a Sydney-based senior Maya animator with considerable experience in film and high end TVCs. His film credits include Prometheus,Cowboys and Aliens ,Tomorrow when the war began,Happy Feet,Matrix Reloaded, Scooby Doo and Disney’s Fantasia 2000 and Hercules..

Craig Baxter trained as a traditional hand drawn animator in London at Richard Purdum productions.

My film and TVC experience includes Animation,Previs,Rigging and Modeling.

Software – Maya ,Modo,Motionbuilder,Photoshop.

Contact: craig@baxtanimation.com

Mobile – 61 – 0404158016 :

I’m also setup for working remotely with a current Maya license.



Present – Freelance Animator – Rigger


Companies worked for:

Assembly,Akromat,Method,Slatevfx,Fuel VFX, The Lab,AnimalLogic,Oktobor, Flying Bark,FrameStore,Disney,